P90X Workout Sheets – Free Download – Get the Most Out of Your P90X Workout


P90X workout sheets, without these you won’t get the most out of P90X, Find out how these little pieces of paper can add muscles and get you ripped!

P90X workout sheet paper will add muscles and get me ripped?

P90X has to be one of the all-time best selling workouts and the best workout for getting you results, but if you don’t have or never used your P90X workout sheets, you’re not getting the most out of P90X.  Ok so everyone knows about P90X, you’ve seen the infomercials, if you’ve ever searched online for it, you’ve seen the results and you may even have done P90X!  For me, P90X was my first introduction to Beachbody workouts and although it took me a month before I could do the whole workout, I made it through the 90 days and I still got great results.  One of the things that really helped me was keeping track of what I was doing by using the P90X workout sheets. Let me give you a little background.

A long time ago, I lifted weights a lot and even did some power-lifting, so I was used to writing down the weights I used, the sets and reps that I did. If I didn’t do this the risk would have been that I would not have pushed myself has hard as I could have and would have either seen less results than I desired or no results at all. There is an accountability that comes with writing down your weights and if you’re anything like I am, you will not remember your weights as you progress through your program. Another added bonus is that at the end of your program, you can look back and see how much progress you’ve made.

So, the P90X workout sheets helps you keep track of what you did ; you simply write down what weights you used and how many reps you did for each exercise.  With every workout I tried to do better than the last one, sometimes I could and sometimes I couldn’t, but I always knew what weight to start with and what I did last time. When it came time to do that workout again, I tried to lift a little heavier or at least get one more rep than the last time.  If you keep track of your workouts with the P90X workout sheets, you’ll be better able to push yourself more and get better results from P90X.  I know it sounds simple, but it is easy to keep going with the same weights and reps and not really push yourself to do more.  So click on the pictures below to download your own FREE P90X workout sheets. I’ve included some extra ones also from the Beachbody site that include P90X Plus and P90X One-on-One workout and hybrid workouts.

P90X workout sheets, download them here

Now that you understand that the P90X workout sheets are all about tracking what you did so you know what to do, and really about pushing yourself and your limits to get the most out of P90X, click here to download them:

P90X+ Workout Sheets

P90X+ Workout Sheets

P90X Workout Sheets

P90X Workout Sheets

P90X Workout Sheets Fit Test

P90X Workout Sheets Fit Test


P90X - P90X+ Hybird

P90X – P90X+ Hybird

P90X - One on One Hybird Workout Sheets

P90X – One on One Hybird Workout Sheets


If you don’t have P90X, never done P90X or you’ve worn out your DVDs click on the P90X picture to check it out and to order it today!

P90X - Bring It!

P90X – Bring It!

P90X is a great workout and it comes with the basics of what you need to do it, however if your home gym is a little lacking, check out this P90X Peak Results Package that contains P90X and lots of other stuff you may need to outfit your home gym.

P90X Peak Results Package

P90X Peak Results Package

If you don’t have P90X Plus or P90X One on One and want to add to your P90X workouts, click on these to order:

P90X+ - Bring It Again!

P90X+ – Bring It Again!

P90X One on One

P90X One on One


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